Distributed ledger technologies and decentralized databases with byzantine-fault tolerance.


Blockchain Architecture and Technical Advisory
- High-Utility and High-Performance Public Blockchains
- Private, Permissioned, and Special-Purpose Blockchains
- Software Project and Release Management
- Review, Testing, QA, and Technical Evaluation

Blockchain Protocol Specification Coordination
- Specification Authorship, Championing, and Execution
- Protocol Upgrade and Hardfork Coordination
- Planning, Timing, Roadmapping, and Strategy
- Off-Chain Governance, Documentation, Moderation, and Mediation

Blockchain Operations and Staking Services
- Secure Staking, Authorities, and Validators
- Blockchain Infrastructure Monitoring and Alerting
- Operation of Bootnodes, Discovery, and Networking
- Private, Permissioned, and Testing Network Operations

Blockchain Technologies
- Bitcoin and Lightning Network
- Ethereum and Ethereum Classic
- ETH 2.0 Beacon Chain and Sharding
- Polkadot, Parachains, and Substrate


Current Engagements and Previous References
- POA Network
- ChainSafe Systems
- Ethereum Magicians and Ethereum Cat Herders
- Department of Decentralization and Görli Testnet
- Ethereum Classic Labs and ETC Core


Web Presences
- byza‌nti‌ne‌@fa‌u‌lt.de‌v
- twitter.com/byzantine_fault
- github.com/byz-f

Offline Mail
- Byzantine Fault GmbH
  Postfach 2 46 45
  10128 Berlin


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Das Impressum gilt für die alle Seiten und Unterseiten auf *.fault.dev, *.fault.gmbh, sowie für die Web-Präsenzen auf Twitter und Github.

Ladungsfähige Anschrift der Körperschaft
- Byzantine Fault GmbH
  Mariannenstraße 9-10
  10999 Berlin

Registrierungsdaten und Vertretung
- Geschäftsführer: Afri Schoedon, e‌xe‌c@fa‌u‌lt.gmbh
- Amtsgericht Charlottenburg zu HRB 207934 B, Berlin, Deutschland
- Steuernummer: 37/265/50315, Finanzamt für Körperschaften II, Berlin, Deutschland
- UStID: DE326968700, Bundeszentralamt für Steuern, Deutschland

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